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Choose from variety of use cases to solve complex network challenges with ease
Secure Remote Access
Rocket start, no complicated configuration is requried. Just replace your old-style network with existing SSO and infrastracture in minutes.
Internet of Things
IoT meets the WireGuard. Whether you are building a hardware or software solution, a peer to peer mesh network is the ultimate solution for device management, such as flexible firmware updates
Data Collaboration
Build secure and seamless data sharing protocol between your teams, customers, and even third parties regardless of the size of the organizations.
Flexible container-to-container connection between clouds or local machines. Whether in the cloud or onpremiss environment, no more error-prone IPsec tunnels are required for your infrastracture.
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Multi-Cloud Automation
Build secure multi-clouds environment no matter what cloud providers you use such as AWS, GCP, or Azure. Take advantage of the features of each cloud provider.
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K8s Orchestration
Automate your Kubernetes cluster with WireGuard for secure load balancing for multi-cloud use-cases. Build an autonomous distributed cloud strategy for your organization.
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One Platform for Everyone, Any Usecases
Cloud-Native Developers
You know corporate shared VPNs for remote work have speed limitations and inflexibility. It is not suitable for public cloud access such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure. Plus, you want to achieve unified container operations for dev teams, along with high UI/UX developer friendly environment.
with wissy you can
  • Developer friendly access controle plane that can be managed from dashboard and commands.
  • Automated deployment of containerized network tailored for dev teams.
  • Build a secure multi-clouds environment as ease.
IT Admins
Access Management is always a challenge. You want to implement a cloud based, zero-trust solution that does not require any hardware or even complicated network configurations for remote access.
with wissy you can
  • Deploy wireguard mesh network without modifying the existing network in minutes.
  • Use Single Sign On (SSO) to authenticate users and manage access control.
  • All devices are ready to use for remote access including web, iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.
Digital Enterprises
You undersntand public cloud services are great, but still keep using on-premise servres due to the high cost of network security and infrastracture management costs. Even more, each cloud service has difference specifications and security policies.
with wissy you can
  • Migrate from on-premise to cloud services step-by-step whithout security concers.
  • Enable secure data sharing and promote collaboration with third-party and other enterprises for open-innovation.
  • Implement secure remote access environment with no config in minutes.
Public Institutes
You want to improve the operational automation and service stability/availability of your local infrastracture. Also, you plan to use IoT and cloud/edge computing to promote local city growth by technical tools implementation so that you can host and collaborate with technical startups for proof of concept.
with wissy you can
  • Implement secured cloud services or IoT solutions for optimizing public transportation or any public infrastructure.
  • Promote open data culture with secure, high user experience for local government growth.
  • Optimize personal information management infrastruacture much the same as tech-startup or modern enterprises.
Internet of Things
Operating handres or even thousands of internet-connected devices in a secure network is a challenge. You want to build a secure and automated IoT network that can be used for monitoring, control, and peer-to-peer device communication environment.
with wissy you can
  • Efficient firmware updates for IoT devices using mesh network as default.
  • Automate device status management utilizing GUI and commands.
  • An efficient P2P data sharing and connectivity environment between edge devices and the cloud.
DAOs/OSS Developers
You are a DAOs, or maybe OSS developer admins whose team are distributed geographically and not even formed corporation, but you need to ensure the application network security is secured and easy to monitor, configure, and maange.
with wissy you can
  • Flexible and easy to monitor access managment for Open Source members.
  • Integrate simple and seamless specification for data sharing based on authorization, regardless of geographical or phisical distance.
  • Build the network security as same level as a corporation.
Future-proof network infrastracture
We are reinventing the internet into distributed internet - where all things directly connect each other.
The number of IoT devices has already exceeded 30 billion globally, more than three times the number of the world population. Home appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines, and dorrs and lighting have become much more convenient when connected to the Internet.
Just as the Internet has made our lives more convenient, we are about to enter a period where our daily lifestyles will undergo significant changes as the IoT digitizes everything. We will provide the Internet as a re-customized infrastructure for the next generation.
Mission Statement
We will be an infrastracture for everyoen to invent applications using a secure, intermediary-free, and decentralized network.
With the birth of Google, information is available anytime, anywhere; with the advent of YouTube, anyone can distribute videos. And Facebook made it easy to stay connected with classmates at any time. In the two decades since 2000, we have continued to practice making the helpful Internet and have successfully integrated it into our daily lives.
We now live in an age where we can use the Internet without thinking about it. However, when we try to use the Internet safely, for some reason, we are suddenly faced with a mountain of complex problems. We aim to solve those problems and create a platform that allows everyone to use and provide a lean Internet.